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​How to Quickly and Easily turn your Enquiries

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Seal The Deal – How to Quickly and Easily turn your Enquiries into Profitable Clients

Discover the secrets to successfully turning enquiries into profitable new clients when you show them around your home...

Discover the secrets to successfully turning enquiries into profitable new clients when you show them around your home.

In this feature packed audio author Simon Beck, Founder of Care Home Marketing Expert will walk you step by step through the whole sales process from the first moment your visitor arrives through to them signing on the dotted line. 

You'll Discover:

  • ​The importance of first impressions and how to make a good one
  • ​How to set up the show around for maximum effect
  • ​What essential information you need to gather before going around the home
  • ​How to sell the benefits of the home to your visitor as you do the tour
  • ​Tried and tested techniques for sealing the deal before they leave

Seal The Deal will prove a valuable resource for all care home owners, managers and staff who have to do ‘The Tour’ and want to increase the number of visitors they turn into new residents.

​meet the man behind the book

​Simon Beck

Simon is founder of Care Home Marketing Expert, author of this new book ‘Full Beds Forever - How To Market Your Care Home In 3 Simple Steps’ and of the audiobook 'Seal The Deal - How to Quickly & Easily Turn Your Enquiries Into Profitable New Clients'.

He is a regular speaker on marketing care homes at leading industry events including Health+Care, The Care Show and Naidex.  Since 2008 he has helped over 650 care home owners and managers market their homes more effectively.

​He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a UK patent holder, having conceived and patented a device for compacting waste in the 1990s.

​Simon Beck is a regular speaker at leading care home industry event such as:

​Care Home Marketing Expert has been helping care home owners and managers since 2008. Here are a few comments from clients past and present.

​“Fast, reliable service with invaluable guidance & advice”

​Bal Khaira  - Vitality Care Homes

​“I would highly recommend anyone regardless of their success in filling beds to join your next workshop”

​Beverley Peters - Arranmore Park

​"Full for six months with a solid waiting list of full-fee residents"

​Peter DeGroot - Rose Lodge

​Simon's advice and ideas on care home marketing have been worth their weight in gold”

​Alison Doering - Quantum Pharma Group

​“Helped me save several missed business opportunities”

​Prashant Navaratnarajah - Ambleside Care Home

​“It works for us!”

​John Evans - Auden House



​Full Beds Forever is packed with 227 pages of practical techniques, tips and strategies for marketing your care home. When you get your copy you can also claim additional free bonuses worth over £100. Here's a quick look at some of them.

​What's included in your bonus package:

  • ​Free Audio Version of the Book Listen on the go, in your car, when exercising, walking the dog or in the office. This will help you get more out of the book.
  • ​Full Colour PDF of Images From The Book On a Kindle the images in the book are quite small and not easy to see properly. In the book they are also black and white so we've reproduced them at full size and full colour for you here.
  • ​Checklists For Use in Your Home Use our professional checklists for: room dressing, doing the show around, following up like an expert.
  • ​Mystery Bonus Chapter In the mystery bonus chapter we reveal how you can get all your marketing done for free and how to maximise the profit from your care home.

Bonus 1  Free Audio Version Of The Book

Bonus 2​  Full Colour PDF of Images in Book

Bonus 3​  Multiple Checklists

Bonus 4​  Mystery Bonus Chapter

​​80% ​of the ​Profit ​in your ​Care Home ​is made from the last ​20% of Beds. ​This book is your Blueprint to using proven, cost effective marketing to fill them and keep them filled. So go ahead and grab your copy by​ clicking on the button below Now!


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