How Setting up A Google Alert Can Save Your Care Home’s Reputation

I had a client come to me once because he couldn’t understand why the phone had stopped ringing with enquiries. A simple search on Google for the name of his home revealed some damning newspaper articles which turned out to be completely unfair.

But, the damage had been done by then and the homes hard earned reputation lay in tatters. If he’d known what was being said he could have taken immediate steps to rectify the situation and that’s where Google Alerts come in.


Google Alerts are completely free, take about 5 minutes to set up and can really help you with your care home marketing. Watch the video below where I walk you through step by step if need help setting them up.

You can set up an alert for your home name, business name, competitors or anything else and Google will e-mail you with details when anything is published about your alert.

This is incredibly useful to check the success of your publicity, what your competitors are up to, important local events or hot news topics in the care industry.

So go ahead and set up your alerts today. You might be surprised what you see!

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Simon Beck

Simon Beck is the founder of Care home Marketing Expert and author of 'Full Beds Forever - How To Market Your Care Home in 3 Simple Steps'. He is also a regular guest speaker at many of the care industry shows such as Naidex, The Care Show & Health+Care.