13 June 2011

How to Use The Death of Southern Cross To Get New Residents For Your Care Home Right Now

You’d have to have been in buried deep in the Amazon jungle to have missed the trouble that Southern Cross is in at the moment. They’ve even made the news in the USA so you know the story is big.

As I write this it’s landlords are meeting to discuss breaking up the organisation and letting some of it go, which basically means closing homes.

But you should be rejoicing at this news. This is a golden opportunity for you to use the situation to get new residents into your home, even if there’s no Southern Cross home near you.

Here’s how.

Many local & regional newspapers in communities that have Southern Cross homes are running stories about the possible effect it will have on their readers and their elderly loved ones.

It’s a big chance for them to piggyback on a national story with a local angle. And this is your opportunity to do the same.

You can present yourself to the local papers, the local community and the local social services department as the great saviour stepping in to help the weak and vulnerable in their hour of need.

Here’s what you do.

Send a press release to the local & regional newspapers, local radio and local TV. In the press release explain that you are ready to step into the breach and provide places for Southern Cross residents who are forced out because of closure or who want to move voluntarily to a more secure home.

Explain that you understand this is a big step and that you will give them a month trial stay with no obligation and at no cost to make sure they are completely happy with their new home (it doesn’t have to be a month, just use whatever you are comfortable with).

Here’s a possible headline for your press release that the newspapers can use straight away or modify slightly with your local towns name.

‘Local home steps in to secure future of residents at troubled care home giant Southern Cross’

The object of the exercise is as follows:

1. To portray your home as the stable, viable alternative to the struggling corporate giant

2. To enhance your reputation locally

3. To get enquiries by having your name in front of others who may be looking for care for their loved ones

4. To get the article published so you can send a copy to your local social services to ‘help them out’ should the need arise. This will strengthen your relationshipwith social services and give you something new to discuss with them

This is obviously a very time sensitive situation and you’ll need to send off your press release quickly to capitalise on it, so get cracking!

If you don’t feel confident in writing a press release or you simply haven’t the time we can write one for you around this story for the modest sum of £198.00 inc VAT.

Just click here to send me an email saying you want to go ahead and confirming your full contact details. I’ll come back to you by return.

Either way please let me know how you get on and please tell us your thoughts about this article in the comments section below.

Warmest Regards,

Simon Beck
Care Home Marketing Expert

Simon Beck

Simon Beck is the founder of Care home Marketing Expert and author of 'Full Beds Forever - How To Market Your Care Home in 3 Simple Steps'. He is also a regular guest speaker at many of the care industry shows such as Naidex, The Care Show & Health+Care.