"The Most Cost Effective Form Of Advertising On The Planet"

Imagine how great it would be….. to advertise only to people who are interested in your home and only pay when they click through to view your web site.

That’s exactly what you get with Google Adwords.

Here’s How It Works

You write a small text advert like this one. You give Google a list of phrases that people use to find your home.

‘Care Homes in Leeds’ in the example above. When someone types in one of your phrases Google shows your advert as on the page above.

When someone reads your advert, likes it and clicks on it they are taken directly to your web site. You don’t pay anything until your advert is clicked and they visit your web site.

This is called pay per click (PPC) advertising and is the most cost effective advertising on the planet as you only pay when some who is actively looking for a home likes your ad and clicks on it. These people are highly qualified prospects and the most likely to become profitable new clients.

And not only that, the cost to send this highly targeted, motivated buyer to your web site is usually a very reasonable 30p to 50p per click.

Compare this to traditional print advertising

With traditional advertising you have to write your advert, get a graphic designer to make it look good, order your space in the paper, send it to the paper in advance then wait for it to be published.

Come the great day your ad appears in the paper surrounded by lots of other ads and lots of news articles. Then you wait for the phone to ring & more often than not you get nothing.


Because you’re relying on the possibility that someone looking for a care home happens to be reading the paper on the day your advert appears and just happens to notice your ad among all the others. Then they need to take action and call you before the moment passes and this rarely happens.

People read newspapers to read the news, not the adverts. So your chances of generating any enquiries are very slim and you still end up paying for the whole cost of the advert regardless of whether you’ve had any enquiries or not!

The Internet Revolution

The introduction of the internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. For centuries suppliers have searched for people to sell their goods and services to. Now the buyers are seeking out the sellers.

Google Adwords is one of the best ways to get your home in front of all those buyers searching for a care home in your area.

Why you need to get Adwords set up properly

Google Adwords is a very simple concept and works brilliantly. However, you need to know how to set it up properly as there are many pitfalls for the beginner that will waste your money and could result in the dreaded ‘Google Slap’. This is where Google punishes you for not using the system correctly by massively increasing your cost per click and moving your advert down the list of results.

At Care Home Marketing Expert we have set up Google Adwords accounts for many homes of all different types. We quickly and efficiently set up your account which will:

  • Ensure the correct keywords are used for each type of care home
  • Select the right network to use to get the best results and not waste clicks
  • Use the correct phrase types and effective negative keywords
  • Drive interested buyers to your web site with proven adverts

It’s not as expensive as you might think

Set up of your complete ready to go Adwords account is just £349+VAT.

Optionally we can manage the account for you for the first three 3 months to ensure everything runs smoothly, test new adverts and get your cost per click as low as possible from just £50 per month+VAT

If you’d like to start taking driving people searching for care homes in your area directly to your web site call us on 01977 232 233 or e-mail CareHomeMarketingExpert now.