Full Beds Forever Complete Care Home Marketing System... 

"It's Like Having The Whole of BUPA's Marketing Department Working For You"

How Does It Work?

Over the last 7 years we've helped over 500 care home owners and managers to improve their marketing and fill their empty beds. We know what works and what doesn't. And now we've condensed it all into the Full Beds Forever complete care home marketing system. It's a proven formula of 31 complete 'done for you' marketing campaigns that we guarantee will fill your care home and keep it full for good. 

There's a problem though

The trouble is to set up and implement these individually for each care home would conservatively cost over £200,000 which puts it well beyond reach of most independent care homes and small groups operators!

How we solve it

To solve this we act as your marketing department and license the marketing campaigns to you. You have an exclusive geographic territory in which no one else but you can use the Full Beds Forever system. In addition we do all the work to set up the campaigns for you, manage them and report back on the results.

It really is like having the whole of BUPA's marketing department at your disposal. Your competitors won't stand a chance.

Why this is so crucially important to your long term success

Think about this. If a resident stays on average for 3 years and pays £500 per month they are worth a total of £78,000 to your business. So every time you miss out on connecting with a potential new resident you are losing £78,000 worth of revenue. (insert your own figures to find out exactly how much it is for your care home)

What could possibly have a bigger impact on your business and peace of mind than fixing this & filling your beds?​

Here's What's Included

  • 31 Complete care home marketing campaigns licensed to you 
    These include new website with professionally written sales copy, blog, Google Adwords, remarketing, Facebook advertising, SEO, directory listings, Facebook page, Twitter, You Tube Channel, promotional video creation, free reports to give away to prospective clients as 'lead magnets', your own branded promotional DVD, reputation marketing and much, much more.
  • Complete branding package for your home.
    You can choose from one of our many design styles and colour combinations. We then 'brand' all your marketing materials in this style so that you have an attractive, professional & cohesive design style for your care home wherever people find you.

    This includes your website, You Tube channel, Facebook and Twitter pages. We also design and create a full suite of literature for the home with professionally written sales copy that we provide to you in print ready PDF form for you to print locally.
  • Profit Tracker - Specialist Care home marketing tracking software 
    We've developed Profit Tracker specifically to help care homes record, keep track of and manage  enquiries that come in to the home.  It also allows you to record the source of the enquiry (so you can see exactly where your leads are coming from) and your spend on that marketing campaign (so you can calculate your return on investment).

    The software is web based so you can login from anywhere in the world and see at a glance exactly how your home is performing.
  • Training membership Site.
    It all very well generating lots of leads and having people come to visit the home to check you out. However, if your staff do a poor job of showing the prospective resident and their family around , all that time and effort is completely wasted.

    In the membership site is full training for your staff on how to dress a room before the visit and crucially the correct way to show people around the home, handle their objections and close the sale. We also provide checklists for room dressing, show arounds, follow up after the visit etc. to make sure your staff don't miss any opportunity.
  • Call tracking for each of your marketing channels. 
    Our call tracking software gives you a unique local phone number to use on each of your marketing channels so that you can accurately track the exact return on investment it generates.

    Also each call is recorded so you can review these to make sure your staff are handling the calls effectively. If not you can give them training to help them improve. 

    You'll also receive emailed alerts for missed calls and have full reporting on the system so you can see how many calls are answered vs unanswered vs missed, what time of day calls come in and what days of the week etc.
  • Implementation of the marketing campaigns for you by our team
    We create all the marketing materials for you, manage anything that needs managing (like Google Adwords & Facebook advertising) and report back to you on the results.

    The only thing we don't do is any interaction with your advertising suppliers. So, for example, if a local paper advertising campaign were being used we would design and create the adverts and supply them to you for you to organise their insertion in your local paper. You would also need to cover the cost of placing the actual advert in the paper.
  • Numerous other software and services
    Implementing sophisticated marketing campaigns such as these require many software services running in the background. We provide all these including: Website hosting, autoresponder, SMS text messaging marketing platform, QR code creation and management, content syndication service, video creation and distribution (for promotional and reputation videos) and many more.

Take A Peek At What's Included
With These Video Overviews

Branding Styles

Please watch the video to see an overview of the styles available for the marketing materials

We currently have 5 branding styles with more being added all the time.

The video does not show the full current range of styles (we can't keep up making new videos!)

Profit Tracker - Care Home Marketing software

Here's an introduction to the Profit Tracker Software, what is does, how you'll benefit and how to use it. 

Full training is provided in the membership area for Staff, Home Manager & Owner/Group levels.

31 Marketing Campaigns

This video shows a brief description of a few of the marketing campaigns provided.

A full list of the marketing campaigns with training is provided in the membership area of the Full Beds Forever System (safe from our competitors!).

Call Tracking 

Here's a video from our call tracking software sales page which describes why the system is necessary, how it works and the 3 main benefits to you.

Full training videos are provided in the membership area on all aspects of the call tracking software.

Membership Site

The membership site is the home for all our training video. Your staff can only access training relevant to them as can the home manager.

As owner you will have access to everything including all you need to know about the marketing campaigns and software systems.

Like What You See?

What to do now if you'd like to use the Full Beds Forever System & apply for your own exclusive territory

The Full Beds Forever system is available by application only. We're only looking to work with care homes who are serious about their long term success and who are prepared to work with us to achieve that.

If you are accepted into the system I personally guarantee that, if you work with us and implement the marketing systems we create for you, we will fill all your beds or I will personally keep working with you until they are full.

The System, including the services of our marketing team, the software, membership site and your license to use the marketing campaigns, is provided to you for a very affordable monthly fee.

We are so confident using this system will fill your beds and you'll be absolutely delighted that we provide everything on a month to month basis. You are not tied into any long term long term contract and are free to cancel at anytime with one month's notice should you wish to do so. 

However, please be aware that if you do cancel you will lose your exclusive territory and no longer have the right to use any and all of the marketing materials and systems we have created for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Care Home Marketing Expert

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Full for six months with a solid waiting list of full-fee residents.”

“Simon’s work has made a massive difference to our reputation and presence in the market place. He encouraged us to think hard about what makes us different from other care homes, and about who makes placement decisions, and then crafted marketing materials around those themes, including a new identity, brochure, and website.

He also encouraged us to maintain a blog site with stories about Rose Lodge and with compelling content about dementia and dementia care, so as to build a trusted relationship with prospective residents at an early stage. This blog site has been a stroke of genius by Simon – it has been very effective at communicating our message to the wider market, and we are now getting regular enquiries from around the Devon area.

Rose Lodge has been full for six months,with a solid waiting list of full-fee residents. The demographic of people joining Rose Lodge has changed – people are now making an early and positive decision to join Rose Lodge, in some cases well before they have to. While there is no substitute for having a story to tell, it helps a lot to tell that story effectively”

We like to do what many others have done already. There's safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety."

Peter de Groot
Owner - Rose Lodge Care Home in Exmouth, Devon

“Helped me save several missed business opportunities”

I have been a client of Care of Marketing for over a year, and I’ve found the call tracking feature an extremely valuable tool. It has helped me save several missed business opportunities, and allowed me to also make sure the correct information is being told. It has made a significant improvement to the way our business operates since using it.

Prashant Navaratnarajah
Owner - Ambleside Care Home in Bexhill-on-Sea
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“It works for us!”

John Evans, owner of Auden House Care Home says: “We’ve learnt lots from the Practical PR For Your Care Home. We’re implementing and we’re not going to stop – it works for us! This is one of our pieces in the Manchester Evening News

John Evans
Owner - Auden House Care Home

“I would highly recommend anyone regardless of their success in filling beds to join your next workshop”

Many thanks for today. the care home marketing workshop was very informative, you made the group feel immediately comfortable which encouraged us to engage in conversation and debate. I have come away from the workshop with many new ideas and the confidence to do many different things in the future.

In a nutshell - " A super day which was full of information, reflection, good company and great food"! I would highly recommend anyone regardless of their success in filling beds to join your next workshop.

Once again, Thank you.

Beverley Peters
Manager - Arranmore Park Rest Home
John Doe UI/UX Designer

About Care Home Marketing Expert

Simon Beck
Founder of Care Home
Marketing Expert

Simon Beck has been at the sharp end of sales and marketing for over 30 years and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

As well as Founding Care Home Marketing Expert Simon is an author, speaker on marketing care homes and a UK patent holder having conceived and patented a device for compacting waste when working in the waste industry back in the 1990's.

He has been involved exclusively in the care industry for the last 10 years, first as Sales Manager for Coolblue who provided care home management software, and later helping care home owners and managers market their homes more effectively through Care Home Marketing Expert.