'Filling Your Home With Profitable New Clients'

Care Home Marketing Expert Profit Pyramid

The Care Home Marketing Expert Profit Pyramid

Who we are & what we can do for you

In short 'we help care home owners and managers fill their empty beds and keep them filled by building cost effective marketing systems'

That's fine, but what does that actually mean?

Well, it can get quite involved because marketing touches so many areas. For example, making sure your buildings are kept pristine and attractive is marketing. Making sure your staff have training so they can sell the home properly during the show around is marketing. And of course, generating new enquiries is marketing.

It really depends on what your problem is. So, let's take a look at how we use our 'Profit Pyramid' to laser in on your exact occupancy issue and then fix it.

There are fundamentally just 3 possible causes for your empty beds

1. You're targeting the wrong people with the wrong message (or no message at all) - We help you innovate your business so that you have something exciting and interesting to say and are saying it to the right sort of prospective customers. This is your marketing strategy.

Care Marketing Strategy

The Strategy Profit Pyramid

2. The phone's stopped ringing and you're not getting any new leads - Did you know there are over 25 ways you can generate new leads? We create them all for you (though you'll probably only need a few unless you have really strong competition). This is tactical marketing.

Lead Generation for Care Homes

The Lead Generation Profit Pyramid

3. The phone is ringing but people are not choosing your home after they've looked around - You become 'blind to faults' when you work in the same environment every day.

We do mystery shopper exercises to discover exactly is wrong. Is it the building or rooms that are putting folks off? Are your staff members scaring potential customers off? Whatever the problem we provide online and in person training and support to fix it and get your conversions skyrocketing.

The Conversion Profit Pyramid

The Conversion Profit Pyramid

If this all makes sense the next step is to organise an introductory call with us on the phone to discuss your own particular situation. There's no hard sell and no obligation, just a gentle fact finding conversation to learn about you, your business and the problem you need solving.

So go ahead and click on the button below to book a call directly into our diary right now at a time that suits you.

Or, if you'd prefer give us a call right now on 01977 323233

Who will you be dealing with?

My name is Simon Beck and I launched Care Home Marketing Expert in late 2008, headlong into the teeth of the gale that was to become the worst recession in living memory.  

I've always had immaculate timing!

It was my lifelong dream to have my own business and after 23 years of pounding the highways and byways of the UK as a salesman it was now or never.

Simon Beck - Author of Full Beds Forever

Why the care industry?

I'd discovered the care industry three years earlier when I became Sales Manager for Cool Blue, a company owned by industry star Lawrence Tomlinson, that designed and supplied software for managing care homes.

For me the care industry had two powerful attractions as a place to plant my business flag and stake my claim.

First the people in the care industry are wonderful. I've never been involved in any other industry that has so many dedicated and friendly individuals.

Second, people had a problem I could help them solve. Lead generation and conversion has been my life's work so it was a natural fit to help them cure their occupancy issues.


The chance meeting that changed everything

Six months into my new venture I decided I needed a website so I consulted the Yellow Pages and a nice chap called Jon came to see me from a local company, Black Ram.

I soon found out Jon was a solopreneur like me and that he is a genius with web development and programming. Thus began a close collaboration with me doing marketing for his clients and him helping me with web development for mine.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

A big decision - burning the boats like the Vikings do

One day it occurred to me that Jon & I make a great team. He's good at all the things I'm rubbish at and vice versa. So, after a recklessly short discussion, we decided to burn our respective boats so there was no going back. We merged our two companies to form a new one and Ice Wave Ltd was born.

image 3

Fast forward to today

Since then it's been a long hard slog, but a good one. We've grown entirely by re-investing our profits and without having any debt whatsoever. 

The Care Home Marketing Expert brand has flourished and we now have a team of five  staff dedicated to the care industry, along with several trusted sub contractors.

We also continue to do web marketing and development work outside the care industry along with developing iPhone & Android Apps for clients through Ice Wave Apps.

Growth Curve

A word about ethics and ethos

I believe how you conduct business is just as important as what you do. Hopefully it makes the experience of doing business a pleasure for all as well as achieving the desired results. 

Fairness, honesty, courtesy, humour, always giving the best advice to clients even when it's something they don't want to hear, going the extra mile. These are the things we demand of ourselves and our employees.

image 4

What's next for you

If we sound like your sort of people and you need help with your marketing, the next step is an introductory phone call with me to discuss your own situation.

There's no hard sell and no obligation, just a gentle fact finding conversation to learn about you, your business and the problem you need solving. So go ahead and click on the button below to book a call directly into my diary right now at a time that suits you.

We look forward to helping you.

Warmest regards,

Simon Beck
Care Home Marketing Expert

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Care Home Marketing Expert

“Full for six months with a solid waiting list of full-fee residents.”

“Simon’s work has made a massive difference to our reputation and presence in the market place. He encouraged us to think hard about what makes us different from other care homes, and about who makes placement decisions, and then crafted marketing materials around those themes, including a new identity, brochure, and website.

He also encouraged us to maintain a blog site with stories about Rose Lodge and with compelling content about dementia and dementia care, so as to build a trusted relationship with prospective residents at an early stage. This blog site has been a stroke of genius by Simon – it has been very effective at communicating our message to the wider market, and we are now getting regular enquiries from around the Devon area.

Rose Lodge has been full for six months,with a solid waiting list of full-fee residents. The demographic of people joining Rose Lodge has changed – people are now making an early and positive decision to join Rose Lodge, in some cases well before they have to. While there is no substitute for having a story to tell, it helps a lot to tell that story effectively”

Peter de Groot
Owner - Rose Lodge Care Home in Exmouth, Devon

“Helped me save several missed business opportunities”

I have been a client of Care Home Marketing Expert for over a year, and I’ve found the call tracking feature an extremely valuable tool. It has helped me save several missed business opportunities, and allowed me to also make sure the correct information is being told. It has made a significant improvement to the way our business operates since using it.

Prashant Navaratnarajah
Owner - Ambleside Care Home in Bexhill-on-Sea

“It works for us!”

John Evans, owner of Auden House Care Home says: “We’ve learnt lots from the Practical PR For Your Care Home. We’re implementing and we’re not going to stop – it works for us! This is one of our pieces in the Manchester Evening News

John Evans
Owner - Auden House Care Home

“I would highly recommend anyone regardless of their success in filling beds to join your next workshop”

Many thanks for today. The care home marketing workshop was very informative, you made the group feel immediately comfortable which encouraged us to engage in conversation and debate. I have come away from the workshop with many new ideas and the confidence to do many different things in the future.

In a nutshell - " A super day which was full of information, reflection, good company and great food"! I would highly recommend anyone regardless of their success in filling beds to join your next workshop.

Once again, Thank you.

Beverley Peters
Manager - Arranmore Park Rest Home

“Simon's advice and ideas on care home marketing have been worth their weight in gold”

Simon's straight talking, creative approach is extremely refreshing. His advice and ideas on care home marketing have been worth their weight in gold and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to other companies looking to raise their profile.

Alison Doering
Head of Group Marketing & Communications
The Quantum Pharma Group